My Journal

One. "Good"

One suggestion from my brothers wife, Carolyn, brought me to write this entry. I'm not the best title maker in the world... but who doesn't like numbers. :) So here we go, a little about me...

A while back I went to Florida to attend my brosif's best friend, Kiel’s, wedding. As cool as it was to be in Florida, I was pretty bummed out that I couldn't be home for Christmas (missing out on all of the parties over break really blows). So I did what most young fellas my age would do and logged onto facebook to see what I was missing. An old friend Mike had contacted me asking about what 've been up to... That one thoughtless action brought me to the biggest turning stone in my life.

I started a new paragraph just to give you a little background on me. For my 15th birthday my mom got me my first guitar. I started with one guitar lesson about one year ago from my friend Bonnie, and from then on I began making songs. I posted a few songs on youtube, but never got much attention. Eventually, I began to become discouraged with music, and slowly dropped it altogether. That is until one day my good friend Allie Imburgia’s uncle was sick in the hospital making her super upset. I'm not sure why, but almost immediately I began thinking of ways I could make her feel better. I began writing her a song, and after about 15 minutes I was recording the video of a little tune named "Beautiful". It was that same video that I would post on her facebook wall in dedication to her and her uncle.

So coming back to being contacted by mike, I eventually found myself explaining the whole story to him about the history behind Allie's song. He was so enthusiastic from start to finish to the point that he wanted to be a part whatever it was I wanted to accomplish with my music. So the question was asked, "what is it you want to do with your music?" That was a question I had never really thought about, but knew the answer almost immediately. I wanted to make music that could be recognized by as many people as possible, not as amazing, but just plain "good" music. That would be enough for me. And apparently that would be enough for Mike as well. He told me to pick out a studio that would "get the job done", and that he would fund the entire thing.

So out came my first demo with Saxon Recording. The interview process in choosing the studio I wanted to record with was built on finding a studio that was not only the biggest bang for my buck, but finding the studio that had an engineer I felt knew what he/she was doing. David Anderson, at Saxon Recording in Rochester, NY, only a twenty minute drive from where I live, was that person. I had the help of my brother Chris to make album artwork and eventually build a website dedicated to my music, and the style that I would adopt as a musician. Chris’s magic mind helped me capture the creativity that he felt he knew was there all along just waiting to be revealed. He and Carolyn have continued to encourage me to play out at local open mics in order to build my performance skills. My first open mic night was at Boulder Coffee Co. I would continue by visiting more mic nights at local bars and coffee houses building my performance skills, and learning from other talented musicians how to improve myself.

This along with connections from my mom brought me to have dinner one evening with local radio personality Tony Infantino, his wife Kim, and their family. This evening not only encouraged me greatly to continue what I was doing with my music, but gave me some general knowledge on how the music industry works in todays world. I recall one thing Tony mentioned to me when I finished performing my song, "Kick Back," for the family in their dining room, "One thing that you will always be able to take with you wherever you go, if not fame, is your talent."

After I recorded with David I met an excellent guitar player, Mark O’Donnell, through my mom, who tutored his daughter in math. When I went to pick up my mom at his house one evening, Mark played his guitar for me. I was immediately amazed at what he could do with the instrument, and will never forget hearing his unique performance for the first time. Shortly after this visit Mark heard my music and offered to assist me in any recording sessions that would call for another guitarist. So whatta ya know, that same day I get another offer to record at a nearby studio, by a guy named Chris H (not my brother Chris), at no cost to me. I jumped on the opportunity, a wrote another single called "Heart Blues." Within that week I was in the studio recording with Mark assisting me on the guitar. As we got into the recording it was decided that the single would not be taken any further in production in that session. Yet, even though our ideas for the studio had started going in different directions, I laid out piano music for Chris H to help promote and encourage music with young teens.

Mark on the other hand was so impressed with the song that he wanted to fund me to get recorded somewhere he felt would give me and my new single more justice. At the same time I was contacted by John Barthlemes, a theater director of some of the musicals I was in when I was younger, who wanted to throw me a cd release party at Spotlight Studios. He wanted to cover all costs of the party so that I could have an event that I could perform live for anyone that wanted to see it. The party ended up being reported on News Channel 10 NBC, and was pretty successful. That same night after performing with Mark, he told me that he had set up a meeting with GFI Studios (suggested by Tony Infantino).


With everything moving along so quickly in a month and a half, the most I can provide is a general summary of what is coming to be. I will continue to post updates as often as possible, and will keep them on my website. This entry is most likely longer than what I usually will post due to the explanation of what's been going on lately in my life. The entries will be taken at night, and usually will end with what my future plans are along with what is happening at that second ;) For instance...

Right now I'm sitting on my bedroom couch up in the loft of my apartment writing this entry before I pass out from being so full off the mexican food I had at Monte Alban with my family tonight ;p . The song "Crush" by David Archuleta is on the radio and i'm starting to debate in my head what type of music I might want to make (haha -_-). But I hope you had a good day, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.