Zech Vanzo

Zech has been a performer since he was able to walk and talk. Full of energy and charisma, Zech’s natural talent has always set him towards a path of entertaining. Fast forward through his first 16 years of his life and you will see a person who is strong, skilled and eager to learn. He has acted, been filmed, created characters, done impressions, improvised, sung, learned instruments and written music.

During his 16th year of life, Zech had turned his passion and drive towards the dream of music. Facing opposition, he charged forward. After learning the piano, drums and guitar, Zech started creating music. Using his experience and own methods, he has been able to write and create songs far beyond what could have ever been imagined.

Zech is moving forward in music and we have only seen a peek of what he is ready to show the world.

Age - 17
Hometown - Rochester, New York
Music Genres - Pop, Rock, Alternative, Accoustic